Pearson Education

pearson_logo_logotype_emblem_symbol_verticalMuch of my time with Pearson has been spent working with Editorial teams and business unit contacts in ensuring that content is deployed correctly on the Pearson platforms, including Pearson SuccessNet (PSN,) SuccessNet+ (PSN+,) and Realize.  Part of this was the creation of process documentation for Content Production regarding PSN functionality, as documentation was mostly non-existent, and I am one of only two people on the team who has worked extensively with PSN.

In June 2015 I began working the the HTML Gadgets Instructional Design team on a part-time basis, doing an evaluation of their external-facing Gadgets and Gadgets UX NEO (Pearson’s information portal) sites, as well as some re-design work for the Gadgets content to accommodate mobile and print versions.

The links below will open each document individually, or you can open a Google Drive folder containing all the files at once.

CPS Documentation Upkeep External NEO Project (docx)
CPS PSN Remediation Loading (docx)
CPS PSN Worksheet Creation (docx)
CPS PSN Ticket Creation Best Practices (docx)

Gadgets Page Review (docx)
Gadgets UX Page Review (docx)
Gadgets – Button Gadget Design (pdf)